About Me

My name is Byron Wu (Jianhua Wu in Chinese). I grew up surrounded by Chinese art and culture. My father is a novelist and essay writer and my mother has had a distinguished career as a concert musician and Chinese classical literature professor.


•  Over 15 years of Mandarin teaching experience with students from age 3 to 70
•   Former Beijing TV anchor
•  Experience teaching classes for companies and organizations
•  Tutoring for HSK proficiency exams
I was interviewed by SINO TV / 華語電視 as an artist and a teacher in 2006.

•  I have taught toddlers, college students, teenagers, teachers, attorneys, journalists, actors/actresses and business professionals
•  Tutoring for HSK proficiency exams
•  Language teacher, Music Director and musical instrument Performer Chinese American Arts Council
•  B.A. in classical Chinese literature and Classical Chinese music performance
•  English-Chinese document translation

Career in China

After graduating from Henan University with two BAs in Classical Chinese Literature and Classical Chinese Music respectively, I edited a journal of Chinese poetry called "黃河魂" (Spirit of theYellow River) for one and half years.

I later became the host of a weekly arts and culture program at a local television station in Beijing. Shortly after that, I grew to the Zhengzhou Educational Television Network as a broadcast anchor.

Classical Pipa Performance

I began studying the pipa with my mother when I was six years old and have been performing in public from the age of seven. The music featured on this page comes from an album that I recorded in China.


In December of1999, I was invited by the Chinese American Arts Council (CAAC) to move to New York and serve as the organization's musical director, resident performer, and Mandarin teacher.

In 2012, I started giving private language lessons. Having taught Chinese for many years, I have an understanding of both western and eastern points of view, tutoring for accredited language examinations (such as the HSK), and in-depth approaches to classical Chinese language and culture.