As a former Chinese TV anchor, I am sensitive about professional communication (speaking, expression, articulation). At the same time I work with students to build essential writing, reading, and listening skills.

I have a “niche” approach addresses students of different ages (toddlers, children, adults) require a different approach to language learning. For toddlers and children, language immersion in a structured play group on a regular basis triggers the process of learning. Adults learn best by focusing on conjugation and grammar in conversation, as well as the value of Chinese culture, its social sensibilities, and its sense of hospitality.

At all levels, I try to use authentic materials to increase exposure to the language as it is spoken and used in everyday situations.

I can accommodate long-term study, prepare students for overseas travel, and train pupils to interact in Chinese business environments. With in-person private or group lessons, or with Skype, I provide individualized attention and a curriculum tailored to your specific needs.

Regardless of the student's level, I offer:

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