For High School Students

If you are having trouble in a Chinese class, I’ve got you covered. I will not only be there to help you pull up your grades,  but I’ll do it in a friendly and personalized environment tailored to your study habits.

For College Students

Anxious about getting into that one school you’ve always dreamed of? Trying to get as many university opportunities as possible? Aiming for a Chinese scholarship or any academic scholarship in general to make college more affordable?

If these match your situation, then I can help you with that! I will prepare you for the Chinese SAT, CLEP, DELF/DALF, and any other examinations a student has approaching or in the long term.

For HSK Prep

Whether you want to work overseas, put certification on your resume, or challenge yourself, the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is the gold standard for Chinese proficiency.

I will help you to pass your HSK exam with top marks and gain the certification you desire.

Regardless of your goal, our HSK preparation will not only ensure your Chinese proficiency, but also prepare you for Chinese outside the exam and classroom.

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