Recommendation Letters

Over the years, my students have used our Chinese lessons to achieve their goals, develop career opportunities,
and grow deeper relationships with their family.

“Byron is a brilliant teacher that thinks holistically...Byron helped me integrate my ability to absorb ancient Chinese philosophy, modern literature and culture, and express them confidently in spoken and written Mandarin...his empathy and his astuteness, allow him an unparalleled ability to devise tailored, graduated and flexible lessons for his students.”  [more]

- M Darnell Dawson

“Mr. Wu is patient and dedicated teacher with great sensitivity to his students needs and capabilities. He offers a wide range of services from the most basic instruction in Mandarin pronunciation and grammar to penetrating analyses of both modern and Classical Chinese philosophy and literature.”  [more]

- Robert L. Cohen

“…Byron approaches these difficulties with humor and, above all, patience. His own Mandarin diction and writing are superb, in part because of his background in Chinese television. He has also translated letters we have written to Chinese officials.”  [more]

- Andrew Thomas and Howard L. Kessler

“….Prior to Byron, I tried on-line internet schools in Beijing….That’s why Byron is so special… not only does he incorporate history and culture into his lessons, he tailors his lessons to each student.”  [more]

- Andrew Levine

“…. for our daughter, at that time 13. His [Byron's] attitude and demeanor combine the focus and discipline necessary for teaching such a challenging subject….Byron proved himself to be not only knowledgeable about what he teaches, but to be extremely competent at imparting that knowledge to his students…”  [more]

- Anne S. Renteria

“I started talking lessons with Mr. Wu before the 2008 Beijing Olympics….In China, Mr. Wu worked as a TV news presenter and hosted a show about arts and culture. He speaks perfect standard Mandarin…”  [more]

- Matthew Bloch

“Byron ( Jianhua) Wu has dramatically improved my understanding of tones, pinyin, and pronunciation…Byron’s instruction has been invaluable in truly grasping the different sounds that Mandarin uses…Byron is professional and friendly at the same time - I enjoy my sessions a great deal and have come to rely on Byron as a friend and teacher…” [more]

- Jennifer Mathews

“I never feel any hesitation when asking him questions because he understands the wide culture gap, the difficulty and nuances of the Chinese language…The depth of his knowledge of Eastern cultures, as well as Chinese and English languages, and his expressive personality makes him a suitable Chinese tutor for any language student…”  [more]

- Deborah Li

“Byron ( Jianhua) Wu is a stellar teacher and overall guide….he introduced me to various treasures of Chinese thought and culture…Byron’s true skill as an instructor is his ability to deeply listen and know what the student needs, both in studies but also in life...”  [more]

- Zachary Gidwitz

“…More importantly, he ( Byron Wu ) is patient and persistent; frequently reviewing difficult concepts and constantly tailoring class content and teaching methods to meet my learning needs…”  [more]

- Grant Newman

“When I first started taking Chinese lessons with Byron, it was immediately evident that he was passionate about teaching, and was sincerely interested in the needs of his students…”  [more]

- Dianna Le

“Byron is helpful in all respects as a Chinese teacher...He’s extremely dedicated in his work...I don’t exaggerate when I say that I only wish I could find a Chinese teacher as talented as Byron here in China.”  [more]

- Sandra Kister

“I have been studying Mandarin Chinese for ten years, most recently under the tutelage of Byron Wu. I have rarely, if ever, met a teacher so thoroughly dedicated to the needs of his students. I am routinely amazed at the amount of care and personalization he puts into the preparation of our lessons…”  [more]

- Wade Cartwright

“Before working with Byron, I was a complete beginner. I met with more than five different teachers before deciding that Byron was the best…”  [more]

- Paul Volodarsky

“Byron (Jianhua) Wu is, without question, a very gifted teacher…he adjusts his methods to his student’s needs and learning style rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach...brings his knowledge of music, painting and poetry into the lessons…”  [more]

- Larry Star

“...but in my situation, being a Chinese person who stopped speaking Chinese at the age of 5 when I arrived in NYC…I have no better guide than Byron to bring me home (except maybe my mother).”  [more]

- James Liao

“Mr. Wu is not only an excellent Mandarin teacher, he is also a true scholar of Chinese philosophy and poetry…His approach to teaching Mandarin is highly systematic and allow students to easily get a better understanding of this complex language.”  [more]

- Christine Schiffner

“I asked Byron to specifically help me focus on learning business Chinese, and he was more than happy to do so…Byron has improved my ability to discuss an array of topics that could come up in a professional or personal context…”  [more]

- Rakhi Patel

“He (Byron Wu) designs the course that fits my needs and prepares me for the business Chinese world. His knowledge in Chinese history and culture fascinates me and I enjoy discussing contemporary issues with him.”  [more]

- Natalie Le

“Byron is articulate, precise, patient and dedicated, and a very nice person as well…Having been an announcer on Chinese television, Byron has excellent diction and is very good at helping with my pronunciation and tones…”  [more]

- Thomas Moore

“He (Byron Wu ) is very astute, meticulous, organized and has a great sense of humor…He is knowledgeable in a broad array of topics and keeps classes fun and interesting…Byron has been an important part of my education, but I also consider him a loyal friend who has become one of my greatest supporters in my educational endeavors.”  [more]

- Ailin Kojima